Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tsum Tsum August Sub Box

We all know about Subscription boxes right?  Did you know Disney offers several of them?  I'm new to the Disney subscription box and since I love TSUM TSUMS I was excited to learn they offered it. Apparently they only open a few new slots a month, I was lucky to get in just a week before my 1st box arrived.

For $25 a month you receive One mini and one small.  In August 2016 box was a small sized Lady and a mini size Tramp.  I haven't decided yet if I want to take them out of the box but they are so cute and cuddly looking I just want to hug them.  There appears to be a loose stitch holding them together so that the mini size doesn't fall off.  

While typically you have no idea what is going to be inside the box until it arrives, there are a few people whom receive theirs early and post spoilers.  So far people have been great at warning you beforehand so they don't spoil the magic for you.  I couldn't help it and I saw a spoiler a few days before my box arrived.  Next month I will try not to peek so I can be truly surprised!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What is This LuLaRoe?

What? You mean you haven't heard about the fashion trend that is sweeping across many households in the USa?  LuLaRoe is a pop up shop for women's (and some children's) clothing.  Basically it works similar to other home based businesses except without the pressure.  The consultant buys the product at discount prices and then sells it at a set retail price.  These pop up shops are unique in which the shopper can have a "party" in her own home, shop online or go to the consultants home.  Gone are the days of trying on clothes in a cramped department store dressing room.

The clothing is soft and so comfortable.  They offer a variety of clothing from dresses, skirts, tops, leggings and more.  The prints on the fabric are made in limited quantities so if you find one you like you better buy it because they is a good chance you might not come across it again!  The clothing is made in a way that it fits all shapes and sizes.

I've only just discovered this company a month ago.  Already I have quite the stash of leggings and looking forward to trying on more items.  I just love how these clothes make me feel comfortable and confident.  What I love even more is there is no pressure to buy and if one consultant doesn't have what you want she is happy to refer you to another consultant.  Soon I will be hosting my own online party (FYI the rewards are awesome).