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Doing well on the diet

My body is responding quite well to a gluten and dairy free diet. My face is clear (acne completely gone), I generally feel healthier and happier. However, I still have days where I wish I could just eat some milk chocolate or a big mac bun, but I have resisted temptations because I know it will make me sick.

Eatting out has been the hardest because I tend to be stuck eatting the same old plain chicken, salad and dressing brought from home. I did test out to see if I was truely having a reaction to dairy and boy did I pay for that, I won't do that again. I seem to be having simular reactions to some soy, or I think it is from soy; so I'm keeping tabs on that as well.

Now if I could just get my daughter to buy in and eat gluten free all the time. She already is sometimes jelious of some of the food my son and I eat, usually it's the special treats. For dinner we all eat the same gluten free meal so there are no complaints there. Eatting gluten free is really not that bad nor is it that hard either.

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