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100 ways to wear 1 item

So a friend recently told me about this awesome product. It is a vintage silk wrap that can apparently be worn 100 different ways. Well I bought some off evil bay and got my first one today. Well it was an interesting experience. This was the 1st time in my life I had to read directions to know how to put on an article of clothing. The pictures made it look like it was gonna be easy, uh yeah right, not that easy. Here are a couple of ways to wear it that I feel confident enough to go out in public in, I'm pretty sure I did it right. Yes all 3 pictures is from the same wrap.

front tie pink front tie twisted

Well a friend of mine has just decided these are cool and she's gonna sell them. She'll be selling the Kariza brand. The one I have is very simular to Kariza but called Enwrapture. Oh my the way this was a medium length one I tired one.

So tell me what you think? Oh I won another evil bay lot and I've got 5 more coming!

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  1. I think the top 2 look great and the bottom one you should twist it once or twice after tying it in front and then tie it behind your neck.