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Birdie Babies

Birdie Babies that live in the eve of our house

So for years now we have allowed birds to make nests in a small hole that is under the eve of our house. The hole actually is part of our attic and we've recently covered the hole up after the bird family moved but those darn birds are insistant on living there. I guess we need a stronger net/wire to cover the hole after this group of nestlings grow up and move out. We caught some pictures of Daddy bird feeding his babies, and boy are they hungry. The one to the left is a piggy and Daddy and Mommy are playing favorites the one on the left seems to get fed first.

Hungry babiesDaddy's turn for feeding

SAD UPDATE (7/23/07):

This afternoon one of the babies commited suiside. I found him on the ground about a 10 foot drop from the nest. I'm not sure which one it was but I have a feeling it was the very hungry one. So sad.... :(

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