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Day 10/100 day challenge

The last week has just flown by. I have been physically feeling pretty good. I've decided to cut back making youtube videos until I can get a video or web cam. I've decided my wardrobe could use a make over or some sprucing up. I thinking getting out of the habit of wearing t-shirts everyday will make me feel better about myself on the outside and make me feel as good on the inside. Lots of things are changing in my appearence. Over the past several months I've lost quite a bit of weight (19 pounds as of this weekend), I got a hair cut, and have a clearer skin complection. I would really like to improve my self esteem by highlighting those accomplishments.

I have made a few goals/commitments to myself that I am trying my best to keep. 1st I am working really hard at spending less time online. I didn't realise that I spent so much time online until my husband and children started to point it out as well as other people who I didn't really know made comments like "Wow you are always online or You respond fast to my email". My goals for this week are to check emails or do what I need to do online quickly and then be done for the day. I hope by doing this I will set a better example to my daughter whom has recently been given a time limit on her computer useage at home. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I love your goal of spending less time online. I need to set a goal like that. Since I have gotten DSL I'm online a lot. When we were dial-up I was always I would miss a phone call. I do need to take your advice and limit my time. Good Job on the challenge you are 10% to goal.