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Day 17/100

Well so my goal was to spend less time online. Hummm did I reach it, well somewhat. I have done good about getting on checking and responding to messages but then I had some free time and what did I find myself doing going online! I think I did do pretty good in the afternoons and evenings limiting myself to 1 hour per afternoon/eveing.

This last week has gone pretty good. I've got a lot of events I am driving to/from for my son and I am doing great. I am feeling healthier too since I have been avoiding eggs and corn products. I'm not trying but I am still slowly shedding pounds, which actually is needed since my ideal (and a healthier) weight is another 15-20 pounds from my current weight.

We went to a picnic this weekend and it was a lot of fun. It did began to sprinkle but we didn't let it spoil our fun. There was a man there named Music Matt and his band was just amazing. He sings songs for children, we really enjoyed his music. I really liked seeing his guitar, it has a picture/cartoon of him. I saw him after his performance and he was so cool to let me snap a quick photo of him and his guitar.

My daughter has the opportunity to take a special trip with her grade next year. The trip is quite pricey but I am confident we will have the money to pay for it! She is saving cans and recycling, saving 1/2 her allowence, and doing some other fundraising. My mother in law was so awesome to place the non refundable deposit down for her. It was cheap either, so in 6 months we will have saved enough to put her on this trip! Family and friends if you would like to contribute by sending checks $$$ or ordering stuff from a fundraiser we are doing please let me know, every penny counts!

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