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Extremely Busy Update

Well I wanted to give an update on my 100 day challenge. Friday is day 50 so I am half way through my first 100 day challenge. So many things have been happening. I got a grant to do a reading project with kids under age 5. I've had a few opportunities to showcase my children's book business, I've got some new book orders and signed a contract to do a Book Fundraising program with a school. All things I have focused putting my +++ energy in to have been coming true. My son has had some medical issues and my +++ thinking has gotten him excellent medical care and has helped him heal quickly. So things are going quite nicely for me as long as I continue to think positive thoughts and encourage all around me to do the same as well!

I wanted to share a cute and funny little video I made the other day. It is rather funny to see the 4 of us square dancing....

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