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(two above pictures were taken with Olympus SP-500 zooming in quite a distance away)

Ok so I so need a new camera. The the we have is 3 years old and I just hate it. The screen is so tiny you can hardly even review a picture on it without a magnafine glass. The shutter speed is so slow and takes forever to focus your subject minds well be frozen in time to get a half way decent photo.

Well I have no idea what to get or really what I want. Well I know what I don't want: slow shutter speed, slow focus & small screen. I always play around with cameras in every store I go to. This last weekend Costco had a decent one on sale. I thought about it, did a small research on the style and decided to buy it. Well it was ok if you only take pictures outdoors. It had some cool features but horrible zoom, which I discovered is another important thing in a camera. So I returned it, thank goodness for Costco 90 day return policy.

The one good picture taken with the returned camera above, I had to get pretty close to take this.

So now I've been borrowing my brother inlaws camera, which is the next step up in the camera line. He has the Olympus SLR camera (last year model the SP-500UZ). I'm having hubby put it to the test tonight in poor lighting but next week I will put it to the test with running 4 yr olds. I did manage to get some excellent shots outdoors and the zoom was amazing. I'm starting to think this might be the camera for me!

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