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Day 70: Clutter

So today I was watching Oprah and on the show was this lady whose house was extremely over taken with clutter. She was a big time pack rat. I can not imagine how anyone could stand to live that way, I mean it was really bad. She had a 2 story 3000 sq ft home and there was barely enough of a pathway to walk throughout the entire house.

It made me really think how I too have areas of my home I think are cluttered and would like to actually work on clearing that space. I need to set the example for my children, whom one is already following my bad habits of clutter. My goals over the next month or two is to have all the spaces I mention on my youtube video de-cluttered. So far I have mastered one area my dresser top!

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  1. I saw that Oprah with the clutter lady. I have seen Peter Walsh before. He is very good. I also couldn't believe that people live that way, but as you said we all have clutter in our lives. I want to clear out the game cupboard before Christmas. You have inspired me to get on it.