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Decemeber is here

Decemeber is here and the glorious holidays are just around the corner. Have you gotten all the gifts for your loved ones yet? I am usually done shopping by now but I am actually not done yet. I've got a few gift cards to get and then I have to find something for my Diva daughter. This year I just am not really in the commericalised holiday mind. Just so many things going on I guess I haven't given myself anytime to remember what the holiday is truely about and what it truely should mean. To me we should be thankful for family, shelter and financially secure. And tell our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them! Actually those are things that I have been doing often even when the holidays are not around.

Well my 1st round of my 100 day challenge is coming to an end on the 15th and it has been quite successful. Actually I have been successful at everything I have put positive energy into. I've got more goals I would like to accomplish in the future and I look forward in putting positive energy toward them as well. I hope I can get more friends and family to think this way as well!

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