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Leah goes to Ghana

Imagine living in a society where you had no voice, your family was ashamed of you and you were deined access to an education all because you were deaf. Well this is all true and happens every day in Ghana, Africa. One little girl, Leah Coleman, (who also happens to be deaf) was appalled at this and has big dreams to change the world. She is on a mission in partner with Signs of Hope International to bring Signing Time to Ghana, Africa. Did you know many of the Teachers don’t even know sign language and are usually upset when they get an assignment to the school for the Deaf. How could you work at a school for Deaf children and not know how to communicate with them? This January 2008 Leah’s dream will come true as she gets to go to one of these Schools for the Deaf to inspire the children and teachers to learn sign language and prove to them Deaf people can learn and in fact are very smart.

Visit Leah’s mom’s blog(Rachel de Azevedo Coleman) and the Signing Time’s website to learn more how you too can be a part in supporting Leah's dream.

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