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2008 is here already?

Boy 2007 just flew by, actually the past 4 years have gone by so quickly I feel like I hardly had a chance to take a breath. It seems like only yesterday I was holding my newborn son as we rocked in the chair together....Awww the good old days. Now it's, "Mom I don't want to sit with you in the rocking chair, move!". Having a 4 yr old a 12 yr old (who acts like she's all grown up) is often quite a handful and full of mixed emotions. But it's my life, the one I am comfortable in and I wouldn't change it for the world! Well there are a few minor changes that could be

As I entered this year of 2008 I thought should I write goals or not. Well I wrote a small list of things I would like to accomplish this year but that I won't be heart broken if I didn't accomplish them. Mostly I think with the end of 2007 and now the beginning of 2008 has brought me was organization. I am really trying to focus on organizing spaces in my life. I've done lots of cleaning and clearing and still have more to do but this is one task I feel very confident will get accomplished in 2008.

Well Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Yes 2008 is already here...I'm still in shock and it's April! I pondered writing my goals etc, also. Seems like if I write them I don't do them because I feel I need to consult my "list". So I don't have any new goals, but I feel like my life is going in a direction I am pleased with. That must say something!

    P.S. Love your blogs! I'll keep tuning in!