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Filming/Acting- New Appreciation

Ok first off let me start off by saying I have a new appreciation for people who are producer, aast. producers, camera man and actors. Man it is a tuff job with full days work ahead. We put in 12 hour days and I hear that is quite common. I know I am by no means a real actress but I think I can say I can relate to the stress they go through day to day. This was one experience I will never forget, it has it's ups and downs but overall it was fun! We had such a great crew....Jim our producer, Lara our asst. producer, and Dan the camera man. I guess being a goofball isn't a bad pre-rec for a camera man since you do need to get the best shot and Dan sure is a goofball.

So day 1 is the interviews in the studio. Man lots of lights in your face and mics above and below me to pick up my voice. It was the more serious day where we retold our son's story. This was the easiest of the 3 days.

Day 2 the recreation of the doc appts and hospital stuff:
Can I just say we have the best doc in the world. He cleared his schedule for the entire day to let us use a room at his office and help out in the re-creation scenes. The best part for me was when they recreated the surgery. We all had to put on scrubs to go back to the OR and the OR staff was awesome and so willing to participate too! It was funny to hear all the jokes in the OR and one of the nurses was Tyler's belly actually prepped her belly and pretended to opporate on her, it was funny.

Day 3 more recreations but this time at my home.
This day was a bit more relaxed while we attempted to recreate different home scenes of our story. You'd think this would be an easy day but it too was a full 11-12 hr day as well. So much to shoot and so many time we had to re-do it!

Overall it was a great experience and I am just happy to be able to share our story with the world! I really hope it will help someone else!

Special thanks to my stunt double Dana and Tyler's doubles Drew, Stewart and Jadan.


  1. WOW, I'm sure you did great!! Can't wait to see the final piece :)

  2. When will it air? Exciting that you get to share this!