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what I am gonna be on tv?

The title says it all. After my son's diagnosis I submitted our story to a major television network. I knew I really wanted our story to be shared in hopes that it would help others not have to go through what we did. Immediately the producing agency contacted me for more info. Several phone calls and emails later I was told that the network did infact want to air our story. I am stoked and nervious at the same time. Even tho the storyline is not about me I will be the main person re-telling and recreating the storyline on camera. And filming could begin as early as 2-3 weeks from now. I have called in to my good friend in hopes she can get me in for a haircut this week. I guess it will soon be time to shop for a new shirt (well they only really show you from the bust up) and some make up while I am at it. It is gonna be an exciting piece to add to our journey.


  1. Yeah!!!!! How exciting. I think your idea of getting a makeover of sorts is great. I can't believe they are moving so quickly. It's a good thing you took pictures of him in the hospital and all. They will want some of that won't they?
    Anyway way to go Janel and Tyler. :)

  2. Congrats and good luck. Let me know when it will air. I'd love to tune in.