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Getting Ready for Party

My lil guy's 5th birthday is coming up and there is lots to do to get ready. I made 64 cupcakes and my husband decided to create a train out of some of them to go along with our train themed part. It really did turn out pretty cute (it happened to darn hot that day and the frosting looks kinda melted). I cut up strawberries and grapes. Got ice for juice boxes and bottled water. I made a ton of gift bags(about 30 bags)....each one included a train to make(from oriental trading) whistle, kazoo, stamp and gum. The gum is really cute containers to match out theme. It turned out to be a very fun party eventhough it was hot, hot, hot out there! Pretty much all food was eatten and ofcorse all the drinks gone too. We had more people come than RSVP'd so good thing I had a few extras of most items (except water). Word to the wise do not buy balloons from oriental trading. I bought a set of railroad balloons through them and the helium I had put in it didn't even last a couple of hours and the balloons popped easily. Now mind you these are supposed to be high quality mylar balloons....oh well lesson learned! Oh and the trains I got, so I thought was gonna be a simple craft project.....good thing we made one at home first because it took so long to put together we decided to put it in the goodie bag. It must have taken my huband and son near an hour to get it all finished! It was a very cute idea though and I still have a ton of them left over. See the finished project below.

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