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Graduations & Birthdays oh my!

Well June is often a busy month for many but it typically is even a busier one for our family especially the 1st week of June. Well to top it off we've got 3 birthdays just days apart starting on the 1st-6th and then another one on the 28th(of corse both of my kids ironically were born in June too the 1st and 28th). Finally my youngest sibling has graduated from High School! Now next year I can look forward to my daughter's 8th grade graduation and then I will have a 4 year break!

This last weekend my brother had his graduation party. He had the typical family BBQ and they rented one of the bounce house things but this one had water. It kinda looked like a super-sized slip n slide. The teenagers had more fun than the little kids...even the dog tried to join in the fun a few times!

Now my kids are out of school till mid August...oh my....I hope time goes by fast so that boredom doesn't set in! Wow I can't believe it, in August I will have one going into kindergarten and one going into 8th grade! Where has the years gone???

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  1. I love the new look of your blog. Did you design it and if you did how? I saw the name LeeLou at the end of your blog I checked her out, but she charges. Did you do this and which package? I love the look.