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Disability doesn't mean you don't have the Ability!

My dear friend Rachel is such an awesome mom. I just read her most recent blog entry and I am so proud of her! She has two children both with different disabilities and she has not let that stand in their way to live life to the fulliest! Her one daughter Lucy has spina bifida and CP and mainly uses a wheelchair to get around. Well on their recent family vacation to Cancun Mexico Rachel had a fantastic idea to take a ride on this boat that has a glass bottom to see the ocean and all the sea life. Well when Rachel called to get more info she did not mention the wheelchair until the very end and the company told her they could not accomidate their family. Well Rachel being a determined mom wanting to give her child this awesome experience thought to herself and came up with a plan. She carried Lucy (who weighs 50 lbs) and borrowed a stroller for the 6 mile walk there. Rachel I am so proud of you!!!! I am so happy to hear that you don't let a disability get in the way of letting your children be able to have fun and new experiences in life! We all need more mom's in the world like you Rachel!!!

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