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My attempt to being crafty

Well first off I can't take full credit for this idea...I borrowed it from my friend's blog Tell it w/ Pics . Look on her June 13th entry for directions how to make this very personal and special gift. I've got 3 friends who are all due within a month of each other August, Sept and October. Two are expecting their 3rd child and one is expecting her 4th. So needless to say they probably still have baby stuff, actually all 3 of them their oldest is 4. Well I really liked the idea of making something practical for their new baby. So I decided to give my sewing skills a try and make them each a hooded towel. I think my friends will love them and appreciate the time and effort I put into them. My lines aren't exactally perfect and I couldn't find my pins anywhere so my seams are not straight but oh well they are cute. Thanks for allowing me to borrow your idea. I think I'll be making these for young child b-day gifts too. Every youngster loves a hooded towel right? I don't know if this was in the directions or not but I added some more ribbon on the sides.


  1. You are crafty!!! I love those. I checked out her blog and I just might be able to that too. Great idea! Your friends are going to love the gifts.

  2. BTW my friends loved them! And another mom that came out with us wants to make one too for her 3 yr old. Stacey they were really easy to make.