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Candy Sushi

I can't remember whose blog or who told me about this but somehow I came across Rachael Ray's recipe for Candy Sushi . It sounded fun so I gave it a try. I didn't exactally follow her directions or ingredents but it came out the same. I basically just made the directions on back on the marshmellow package for crisy treats. For our allergy purposes I used brown rice crisps instead of rice crispies cereal(has gluten), olive oil instead of butter(has dairy) and I obmitted the twizzler(also has gluten). I made a whole batch to eat for later and used only part of it to have candy sushi. ***TIP: let them set for about 30 ms to 1 hr at room temp to be less sticky to roll****

I had a package of 10 fruit roll ups and cut them in half. After I added the crispy inside and rolled I cut them in half basically you can get 4 servings from 1 fruit roll up.

These are very sweet but the kids love them!

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