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Do I share too much?

Ok I've been thinking about myself and wondering do I share too much personal information with strangers? Not really on this blog but my other one I share our successes and failures in my son's medical journey. I've tried my best to keep him identity a secret but just recently have started to use his first name. So far I haven't had any stalkers in person so I thought all was ok. But with our story getting reading to go public I have began to wonder am I sharing too much?

I guess I can say I share our journey in hopes to help someone else and to help others understand our family better. Not only do I do this online but I am also like this in person. I guess there will come a day where my son will not want me to share information about him and now that he has started school I am trying my best to be a bit more discreet unless someone mentions that their child is having a digestive problem.

Oh well this is who I am and I am proud to be an advocate for children and to educate others about my son's medical conditions.