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Trains, trains and more stuff

Ok for those that don't know I have two boys in my home who are obsessed with trains. Our old family room which is now the playroom has turned into train room. We've got thomas stuff (wooden and plastic) and we've got HO scale trains and all that stuff. At first I agreed to allow my husband to build a table for it. Well this table is massive (not as big as many model train lovers but too big for this room). In all honesty I think Tyler is too young to be playing with these fragile, old and very expensive trains. They were my husbands when he was a kid and some pieces were handed down to him when he was a kid.

So I've come up with the idea to save space in the room. Have the model train go higher up on the wall and travel all around the room. I've found pics online and tons of youtube videos and it looks like a good solution for this cramped room.

Ok here are some begining pics from over a year ago:
train museum room
Tyler mania

Not too bad right? But then we moved stuff around and added the computer into this room.....and you got a mess...Here are some more recent pics....

And that is what you walk into when you are at the front door! My hubby is crafty and handy Andy he can make a shelf around the whole room for the train to travel on. I think it will be cool and give this room back some much needed space. This room has become a multi-age, multi-functioning room; so it needs to be adjusted to suit all it's users needs. Here are some things I found online that is like the idea I want for this room.
Model Train around a room DIY

Youtube train on wall
Train around a living room

Another one
Electric thomas

Don't these look so cool??? I'll keep you updated on the progress; I think I may have sparked an interest to my two "boys".

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