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Blanket Time

Ok I should have done this 2 years ago but my son does not have a bigger blanket for his bed. He has been using a crib sized blanket for years. And at christmas I got him a bigger fleece blanket. So since I wanted to have a train blanket for his room I figured I needed to make my own. So at first I found some soft cotton train print material and then I had the idea I will just sew it onto the back of a fleece throw, sounds easy right??? Well it was except toward the end I broke my sewing needle twice! So when I went to the local fabric store to get more I saw they were moving locations and everything was 60-70% off. I came across some fleece that had signs printed on it...this was perfect. My first idea was man I'll just cut it and there you go his blanket. But because it was so cheap I ended up getting enough for 2 blankets. Then I had an idea....why don't I back the extra blanket onto the one I already I made a no sew fleece blanket . I have to say eventhough it shrunk up after tieing the edges it is really cute. So now he has the big piece of fleece along with this tied fleece blanket. It was so easy to make, I may consider going back to get more fleece to make another for either my daughter or hang onto it for a b-day/baby shower gift.

Here is what the final product looks like on his twin sized bed.....

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