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Because Rachel told me to......

Ok so today is an awesome mom, friend and superwoman's birthday. And she has been posting little tidbits on her twitter called "Because Rachel told me to". I've decided to play along and wow this is fun. Rachel is such a fun and free spirited gal. The few times we've hung out she's been the life of the party!So far this is what Rachel says:
#1 Rachel Says: Stay in bed an extra 30-60 minutes. Come on! If anyone asks, just say, "Rachel told me to!"
#2 Rachel Says: Get in a hot tub. If you don't have one, go find one. Come on! If anyone asks, just say, "Rachel told me to!"
#3 Rachel Says: Roll down the windows, crank up the music, sing at the top of your lungs! Do it! If anyone asks, just say, "Rachel told me to!"
#4 Rachel Says: Buy your wife flowers. Come on! Just grab a bunch on the way home. If someone asks, DON'T say "Rachel told me to!"
#5 Rachel Says: Write a blog about yourself. Keep it short. Use pictures and songs you've written yourself. Come on! It'll be fun

ok so I haven't been able to do all of them but I've completed most. I oviously can't get my wife flowers considering I don't have one and I could stay in bed late today. I am a work in progress on the blog.

I recently discovered that Rachel named her car Stella. Honestally I have never named my cars but my mom did when I was young. So giving a brief discription of my car and her moodiness Rachel suggested in last night signing time chat that I give my car the name Rachel Lee. Gee I wonder who is that after??? Oh boy she deffinately fits the name. You see my car is just like a certain Rachel that I have come to know. So my Rachel Lee is a 2008 Honda Odessey who loves music, loves children and is always doing stuff for them. She loves to play jokes on me like telling me it's 68 degrees outside in the middle of a hot summer day when you know it's really 90. And she is very particular at where we park and often will not let me take my keys out of the ignition until I move to another spot. I know you are thinking it sounds crazy but nope it's all Rachel Lee.

So Happy Birthday to my buddy Rachel de Azevedo Coleman

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  1. Oh Janel that is so sweet I got all misty!! What a great birthday present your post is!

    (And to think I was worried I was going to be getting Rick Roll'd)