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11/24 view us on Mystery Diagnosis Show

For those of you who don't know this past April we worked with the discovery health channel to get the word out about our son's mystery condition (ok after the mystery was solved). I've kept this hush hush until now. I looked on their website and finally we are listed for November 24th on the Discovery Health Channel, the show is called Mystery Diagnosis. Check with your local satelite/cable company to check the channel & time.

The title of the episode is The Woman with the Giant Lump....

here is a blurb from their website:
Mystery Diagnosis
The Woman with the Giant Lump

Soon after solid food is introduced into Tyler's diet, he begins to have infrequent bowel movements, sometimes just once a month. Daisy Hill, an active 41 year old bodybuilder, notices a painful lump in her jaw while training for a competition.

So please keep your eye out to watch our story. And grab the box of tissues. Hey I haven't even seen the episode so it's just as exciting to me as it is to you!!!

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  1. Hi there! My sister initially told me about the episode of mystery diagnosis that you and your family were on. She recorded it for me although unfortunately her boyfriend deleted it off their dvr so I never did see it. I just feel so compelled to contact you in any way I can because my 2 year old daughter will be going to a pediatric gasteroenterologist the end of this month because her doctor thinks she may have Hirschsprung's disease as well. We have been dealing with so many bowel and intestinal issues with her and I just feel like I am at my wit's end and I could really use someone to communicate with about this whole issue!! Please, if you can I would love to get in contact with you somehow....maybe e-mail?? my email is
    Thank you so much and I hope that Tyler is doing well!!!