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My Thoughts to episode "Woman with the Giant lump"

My thoughts and reflections to Mystery Diagnosis episode "The Woman with the Giant Lump"

First off the first story they featured was great. I can imagine how fustrated the lady was, especially when she was paralised from the surgery.

Well then comes our story. I think it was very difficult to get all the information editted down to the alloted time slot but overall I am satisfied at the way they protrayed Tyler's Journey. Some parts of me wishes we would have waited till season 7 to share since a few things have changed since we first thought but I am very happy to get the word out there about Hirschsprung's Disease (HD). I am very happy with what we did for the show even if it just helps 1 person understand the disease and how easy it is to be overlooked. Don't worry I'm not done helping spread the word about HD. I totally agree with the analigies Dr Gates came up really is like finding a Zebra in a Horse Farm!

Tyler was actually in many of the recreation scenes, well that was because the two out of the three kids I picked out to play him were young and at some points didn't want to corporate. That being said they were able to get enough footage from the young boys to make it work. The baby that portrayed Tyler was just so stickin' cute and he went along with just about everything. I found all 3 boys via my Moms group. Two of the boys (baby & preschooler) were siblings and were friends of my friend. And the other toddler was the son of a lady of my Moms group in my neighborhood. Everyone did an awesome job in their acting roles. All the boys looked so much like Tyler even my own mother in law thought in one scene it was Tyler when it really wasn't.

Our surgeon, well Tyler's surgeon Dr Gates, did an awesome job explainging it all. He was so serious in the show, really he is fun,loving and compasionate guy and that side of him you really didn't see in the show! He really is a doctor that is there for the kids and helping making their quality of life better. Also he is there to support the families as well. I can say he is the only doctor I've seen to personally walk the parents back to their child in the recovery room from surgery and stay to talk with you. While in the hospital he has followed up by coming in the room twice a day and calling on his days off to check on Tyler. I've been told by the nurses at the hospital that is pretty typical of him. He is always there when we have needed him and is willing to try new things. He isn't your ordinary doctor and in my eyes he is a superhero for solving the mystery diagnosis!

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