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Kinda freaked out....

Ok call me nieve but I didn't realise how easy it was for someone to google me and call me on my own personal home number. Now most of you know we shared our story with the Discovery Health channel about our son. Each time it re-airs I always get people finding me via facebook or myspace which is fine with me. But tonight I got a phone call that just creaped me out. This guy called me who says he to has the same condition as my son and he was glad I was able to share it. Ok that is great and all but how did you find my phone #? He said he googled me and there it was on some website. I googled myself endless times and while I do have quite the online history I could not find a phone # for me. Then I added extra key words and bam there it was my phone # on this website (yes I will be contacting them to remove it). It is an inocent website for something I signed up to recieve but now that this guy found my # it just kinda gave me the heebie geebies.

Anyways the guy wants to share his story and some other information about nutrition with me.....well I should have said I'm not interested but I gave him my email to send it to me. Not sure if he is trying to sell me something or what.

But anyways I just have to say I am happy to help others with HD but when I start getting phone calls I am just creeped out!