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what is that bug?

Ok so last night I go to my garage to grab a pair of latex free gloves to help my teenage dye her hair. To my suprise this tiny little green worm like creature was crawling on the box. I thought that is weird and I picked up the box to find a whole bunch of them under the box and all over that shelf. Freaked out I called my husband and daughter in to help me. We worked together as a team to clean up. To my suprise these little creatures somehow got inside sealed bags of my sons medical supplies. I had to throw out a ton of his medical supplies which is so sad because they were donated to us because it isn't covered by insurence.

We also discovered a whole heck of them in our 10 lb bag of birdseed. Let me just tell you how grossed out I am. Well this was one way to get us to clean up the garage and get rid of stuff. I sure hope we got them all.

Does anyone know what this creature is and how to prevent it from coming back? I've tried google it but don't come up with much.HELP!!!

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