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Organic Farm Delivery

So a friend of mine sent me an email about a new service she was trying out. She was getting organic fruits and veggies from a farm being delivered to her home. I looked on the website and selection of food looked great and the prices were very reasonable. So my friend gave me a coupon code which would give me $5 off my first order to try it out. The box I chose had several items in it I have never cooked before and I knew my family would not eat. So I called up the company and they were willing to make substitions for me. Well either I got a freebee or there was misunderstanding because they sent me the small box plus all the food I was wanting to sub for. I'll see when I get my bill if I am charged for that.

Anyways I decided to continue the service bi-weekly to try out. So this time I switched to a different selection called fast fruit and veggie. It is supposed to be fruit and veggies that can be eatten raw and require very little prep. Needless to say I am very happy with my box this week and I can tell you it isn't gonna last long so I will probably be moving to weekly service. Oh the price, well for the small fast fruit and veggie was $23.

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