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Lapbooks and Life

Wow, it is already May and I can't believe I've neglected this blog since March. Anyways life happens, right. I have however have not neglected my blog about my son . Anyways here is some fun and exciting things we've done April we went to Disneyland in CA and stayed at the very luxerious Disneys Grand Californian Hotel. No I am not rich nor do I have a ton of extra money to blow on a trip but I did get an awesome deal from Costco Travel. We orginally had planned to stay at the Disneyland Hotel but about 3 days before our trip on a whim I decided to see what the difference would be to switch hotels and when I was told it was only gonna be $50 you bet I jumped on that! I don't travel well by car so we also flew via Southwest. And about 2 weeks before I checked the airline and the tickets I bought 3 months earlier were much cheaper so now I've got a nice credit with Southwest too. It was an awesome vacation BTW and in another post I will review the gluten and dairy free food I ate while there.

Now onto my latest discovery.....another family I've met via the web has introduced me to these things called Lapbooks. What is a lapbook you ask? Well basically it is a teaching tool to help making learning fun for your child. It is called lapbook because you work on it on your lap, duh. Basically it is a file folder in which you fold and attach different stuff inside like small books, games, counting, handwriting, bible verses and much more. Your imagination can run wild. I have to say the first one I did is not that great. I did a Noah's Ark theme and kept it very simple as I was not sure if my child would take to this new idea. Well he loved it so I am deciding to make more and I am hoping to add some more bible based stuff in it so that I can teach my son about the bible. Here are some great free resources:
Lapbook Lessons
Christian Printables

I've shared this idea with his school teacher and she is very excited to use this in the classroom. The school year is almost over and is really busy now but next school year she wants to use these. Since my son's class is learning about life cycles and butterflies I thought it would be perfect to creat a lapbook to go along with that. This morning he helped me cut and after he went to school I arranged and glued on everything. I think he is gonna love it! Again my experience on making these is limited but I think I did a good job. I incorporated some math,reading words,game,life cycle and a bible verse.

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