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New year, new promises

wow, I have really lacked on keeping up on this blog for several months now. I've been doing pretty good on my other blog updating it about my son atleast 1-2x a month but have let this one take a dive.

Well I do not really do new years resolutions anymore but I promise to try very hard to post something atleast once a month on this blog. It might not be anything exciting but it will be about something that I think is worth talking about :)

Here is something that is worth talking about.....Disney.....2010 brings a new promotion and this year they are trying to get more people involved in volunteering in their communities. The program is called Give a Day Get a Day. Several different ops are available to volunteer and once you do (after a registration process) you will get a free single day admission to Disneyland or world. Now there are blackout dates and restricts so read the fine print closely.

Our family volunteers all the time so this will be easy for us. The hard part will be when can we all get back down to Disneyland & then ofcorse the cost of hotels and transportation.

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