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Vegan Cheese Review

I've tried several vegan,soy and non dairy cheeses and most of them taste like crap or smell like vomit. For the past 3+ years I have lived without a cheese sub. It was hard at first but got easier with time. Well I was recently told about Daiya Vegan Cheese . It sounded interesting and is certainly being picked up daily by a new location either selling or using their product in their restraunts. I called a local store near me to learn they started to carry a 5 pound bag of this cheese but they did not have anything smaller. I did not want to spend the pricey amount on a large size I wasn't even sure I was gonna like.

But then I recently saw a message from an autism group about Amy's Kitchen was carrying Rice mac n cheese and the cheese part was from Daiya. I found the item today at my local Whole Foods and I willingly spent the $5 for the frozen mac n cheese. So for lunch today I cooked it in the microwave and it smelled good. It even fooled my teen whom is not on my deitary restrictions she said it smelled good and she wanted some. Well I gave her a bite and she liked this is a teenager mind you. Anyways, at first the thought scared me and I hesitantly took my first bite and then I goobled up the bowl and was satisfied. It was so good and really did taste and smell like when I remember of cheese.

So needless to say this cheese is so good and I am now hooked! So I soon will become a loyal costumer of Daiya Vegan Cheese .

Here are a few other brands that I am also hooked on:
Pamela's GF mixes (bread,cake & cornbreads)
Udi's GF breads & muffins
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
TJ's GF pancake & waffle mix
SO Delicious Dairy free coconut milk,yogurt & ice cream

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