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Buy Local and Support Farmers

It's that time of year for a variety of spring and summer fruits and veggies.  I suggest you shop local to help support your farmers.  In many states during the warmer months Farmers Markets open.  This is typically where can find local produce and vendors often selling their home made goods or crafts.  I am very fortunate to live in a city where we have farmers markets year round.  The variety of fruits and veggies change with the seasons and are dependent on the weather for the yield of the crop.

When you shop at your local Farmers Market you are not only buying directly from the farmer but you are supporting typically the smaller farms in the community.  In California many of our Farmers Markets are certified which means the farms have been inspected and the food is safe to consume.  Selling directly to the customer also cuts down of package costs to the farmer. Typically the farmer or the farmers employees are at each stand and you can ask them specific questions about the food and if they use pesticides or not.  From there you can make your selections of which farmers you'd like to do business with. Everyone wins when you shop from Local Farmers!

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