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Engaging Young Minds through Creativity

Subscription boxes are everywhere and are really a great idea to try new products.  I recently came across a Facebook ad for a science kit for kids called Kiwi Crate.  My sons birthday was coming up and I thought this might make a great gift.  What kid doesn't like to go to the mailbox and get a package addressed to them?

This company has a variety of boxes depending on the age level of the child.  My kid just entered the teenage stage so I ordered the one for ages 9-16 years old the science kit one called Tinker Crate.  They actually have two types of boxes for this age level so you choose what your child might be interested in. There is also a variety of subscription levels to which you can cancel at anytime.  The discount was such a great deal I decided to just order the one box but now I am thinking I might continue the subscription.  

The kit we received (which the company selects each month) was a Lava Lamp kit.  It has all the supplies needed with the directions which they call blueprints.  With my help it took us about 30 minutes to put it together.  Also in the kit is a pamphlet that talks about other activities you can do that relates to the topic of that months activity.  It will be a great way to continue the educational experiments for other days.  

The kit is well thought out.  The blueprint (aka directions) are easy to follow with both words and pictures.  Supplies are good quality and I believe the overall value of the box was worth the price listed before any discounts.  I was given a discount to share that will give you $10 off your new subscription at any level you choose. This LINK will take you directly to the page where you can receive your $10 off.  So ditch those video games or mindless toys and order something Educational for your children!

If you choose to use my link I will also get a $10 credit for each new subscription only I can use for my future subscriptions to which my son would be so happy to buy another kit!

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