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Going Above & Beyond for customers

Remember a couple months ago when I bought my 1st subscription box with Love With Food?  That month my family did not like a couple of the items.  Just as a heads up I let the company know via twitter because I know they want feedback from their customers.

Never did I expect anything in return.  The company was fantastic on their customer service and offered me credit to purchase another box or more items from their site.  Not many companies offer that level of customer service.  I can say I am happy with Love with Food subscription box and how they treated me that I highly recommend others atleast giving them a try.

After this awesome experience I decided to partner with them and join their affiliate program.  And because of this program I am able to give you a LINK to receive 50% off your first gluten free box. What are some of your favorite gluten free snack foods you have bought?  

Get 50% off your first Gluten Free Love With Food box!

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