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Crazy for Macarons

A year ago I discovered a local Instagram account of a lady who made Macaron cookies in her own kitchen at home.  She had just started her business and only baked a few times a week, never taking special orders. She would always sell out when she shared boxes for sale on Instagram. Once every few months she also would bake cookies for an ice cream shop.  The ice cream shop is where I fell in love with her macarons.  

In 2016, Tiffany aka "Love and Macarons", started to sell her macarons at a farmers market a few times a month. She always sold out the first hour and I was never able to make it in time.  Then last week she shared a picture of a Minnie Mouse macaron she made.  Well I am a huge disney fanatic and I was determined to go to that farmers market!  I made it and she wasn't sold out!  Not only did I get a Mini Mouse macaron, I got a few other cute animal characters too!

I just love her macarons.  She uses simple ingredients and the majority of them are gluten free.  They are chewy and delicious.  If you ever happen to be in Midtown Sacramento on a early Saturday morning go to the Midtown farmers Market, you might just get a special treat if Tiffany with Love and Macarons is there!  Be sure to follow Love and Macarons on Instagram too, that is where she shares when and where you can get your macarons too!

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