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What Are Your Hobbies?

As a stay at home mom it is often difficult for many women to find time for themselves to do something they enjoy.  Often we are busy taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, making appointments, household chores and driving our kids to endless places.

 Most moms might agree it is rare when they do have a moment to themselves.  I personally feel like it is very important that everyone has a hobby or do something they enjoy.  While I prefer to often enjoy my alone time while partaking in my hobbies, I know this isn't always an option for other moms.  It is completely fine to have your hobby with your kids just as long as it is enjoyable to you!

The possibility list of Hobbies are endless.  I know some moms who find joy in baking, gardening, walking outdoors, swimming, camping, watching their favorite show on Netflix or even just going to Starbucks to read a book.  That is the best part of having a hobby is that it is individualized and it can be anything that personally brings you joy in your life.

If you didn't know by now I love Disney.  I consider this a hobby for myself.  I love to watch Disney movies, talk about Disney with other Disney fans, and I love to plan Disney trips.  I've been known to help friends planning their trip to Disney, I am really good at finding the best travel deals.  And of course I love to visit Disneyland, however, I am not able to go as often as I would like.  Because of my love for Disney, many people think I visit the park several times a year when in reality I typically only get to go once a year.

One of my other hobbies is Photography.  I love to just get up and go out in my yard or in the world and find something unexpected to take a picture of.  I like to think outside of the box when capturing a moment and quite often surprise other with the gear I use.  The gear I use is either my iPod, Fujifilm camera or GoPro.  I don't always share my photo treasures with everyone but I do pick out my very favorites and share them on Instagram.  Did you know I used to show my work in galleries?  In fact, I have won several awards for my photography in various locations in Northern California.  At the moment I am taking a break from Gallery showing as it was very stressful.

Now maybe you are thinking to yourself I don't have a hobby.  That is OK, what you need to do is sit down and make a list of things that you enjoy.  There is a good chance you already have a hobby and you didn't even realize it yet.  Now go out there and enjoy your hobbies!

What are some of your Hobbies?

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