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Inexpensive Elegant Holiday Centerpiece

We all want to have the best table decor to impress our guests but we certainly don't want to break the bank with decorations we might never use again.  I have an inexpensive idea that will make your table centerpiece look Elegant.  Your centerpiece will surely be the hit of the party with all your guests wanting to know how you did it.

I certainly am no expert when it comes to decorating and I certainly don't have the money to buy decor that I'm only going to use once.  After doing some Pinterest searching I came across several ideas that I thought hey I can combine these all together and have a fabulous holiday table at my Ladies Advent tea.  Most of the items needed are likely things you already have or can easily get inexpensively.

Supplies Needed

Mason Jars in various sizes
Epson Salt
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Cranberries
Fake light up candles
Ribbon, twine or string

I found it looks more appealing to the eye if you stick with a large Mason jar for the epson salt, berries & rosemary.  Use a smaller Mason jar for your epson salt & candle.  

Start off by filling all the jars 1/3 way full with epson salt.  The smaller jars complete the look with the candle inside and the string or ribbon in a bow around the tops.  

With the larger jar, after the epson salt, fill below the top with cranberries.  To complete the look stick several small branches of rosemary in the top so you can no longer see the cranberries.  At this point you can be done or you can add a candle (fake one only) in-between the rosemary.  Aline them in the center of your table, evenly spacing them and alternate between small and big.

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