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Gluten-free at Disneyland Community

I’ve been searching the web often for gluten free food options at Disneyland. Often the info I find is outdated and no longer relevant. I have found tons of gluten free options  from WDW but not as much from Disneyland here in California. To help myself, friends & others I decided to create a community group for us gluten free folks who love visiting Disneyland. 

The main focus of the Gluten Free at Disneyland Community group is to share information & insights about gluten free dining experiences at Disneyland. Pictures of Park food and menus greatly appreciated!

Feel free to join and share this private Facebook group.

I also created a separate Instagram account relating to our group. If you would like to contribute gluten-free Disneyland food photos or photos of the gluten-free an allergen free menus from Disneyland let me know and I will be happy to share on the Instagram page. If I use your photo on the Instagram I will definitely give credit back to whomever shares their photos.

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