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Secret to getting kids to eat their veggies

Well you gotta love Oprah. This week she featured Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook Deceptively Delicious . This is an awesome cookbook in which has kid friendly recipes with a secret hidden ingredent...pureed veggies. So far I have tried making chicken nuggets, doughnuts and chocolate chip cupcakes. Success each time...veggies in them all and no one can even tell when they eat them! I've also learned ground flaxseed is my new best friend. It is a great source of fiber and omegas and I've been adding it in all my baking now. I am so excited that my 4 yr old is finally getting veggies in his diet. He also suprised me tonight....we ate out at a new healthfood place and he wanted brocelli on his plate and he ate them all and with ketsup. Hey if Ketsup is the key for him to eat a veggie I will buy a ton of it! I am so excited all the new doors opening for us!!! Go out and get your book today, they are flying off the shelves.