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Ok I'd had been wanting to get a couple of infocommercial products but ofcorse am always skeptical if they will work. So I wait until they've been out for a while, have reviews and are now in a store.
1st review: H2O mop

Ok I read kinda mixed reviews on this item but I decided to test it out anyways. First I made sure my local Linens n Things would let me return it used and they said ok. Easy to put together and easy directions to follow. I am impressed it did very well on my kitchen laminate flooring and great in the bathroom on tile. I also tried it on my pergo floor and it did clean it but also left streaks. But the streaks may have been because the pad was alread wet and used from the previous floor. I need to try it again with a dry pad. I also tried it on a spot on my rug and it didn't do anything but same issue as the wood floor (the pas was already wet so need to retry with a dry one). Overall I think it was a worth the buy....It was $99 and I had a $20 off instore deffinately worth the price. One thing I like is I do not have to deal with any chemicals and overall that is helping the environment. It's hard to believe just water is actually all I use to clean the floor but it works.

2nd product: Pedi-paws

If your dogs are anything like mine getting their nails trimmed is a torture event. My dogs didn't mind this product at all. It was easy to use. It works by filing the nail with sandpaper rather than cutting the nail. I'm gonna let my mom borrow it to try it out on a cat to see if it works. But for dogs it works.

Anyone ever heard of Twitter ? Me either, but I was reading a blog about Rachel from Signing Time and she started to talk about Twitter. So I went to go check it out. It's just another way you can see the little day to day stuff that your friends, family or favorite celebs are doing. It's pretty cool to be able to follow Rachel's every move. What's even more awesome is she is willing to share all these personal life details with her fans! Oh by the way if you don't know who Rachel is you gotta go visit Signing Time and learn more about her and the amazing stuff she does!