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Product Reviews: Coconut milk, Honey Nut Rice Chex & Starbucks Gluten free cake

My reviews on the 3 latest gluten free products that has come out lately.

Review #1- Honey Nut Rice Chex Cereal

Well as we all know sometime last year or so Rice Chex was reformulated to be gluten free. And I have to say at the time it was great and made so many people happy. It opened the doors for all kinds of new exciting stuff to make and eat. Muddie Buddies and trailmix bars have been a family favorite here. Well after a while Rice Chex has become boring and bland. Not long ago I got an email from a friend telling me General Mills changed their formulation on a few other of the chex flavors. Now the Gluten Free Flavors are also: Honey Nut, Corn, Rice, Strawberry and I think Chocolate. Well after looking at ingredients the Honey Nut was safe so I gave it a whirl. Sweet but not too sweet and oh so yummy. Great to eat by the handful or in a bowl with your favorite milk or non dairy milk sub.

Review #2- So Delicious Coconut Milk (Vanilla)

Ok so this is probably not too big in the gluten free side but it is big on the side of those who cannot having dairy. So Delicious came out with a coconut line last fall I think and they've had some good yogurt and icecream (which has been very expensive). So when I received an email about the new coconut milk line I was eager to try. About a week later I found it in a half gallon container at my local whole foods market. And the price was much cheaper than I imagined at $4.50. Well I have never been a huge milk or non milk sub drinker but this stuff is good. It is definitely sweet but a good spot for it has been with my honey nut chex cereal. I even used it in my muffin mix and didn't notice a difference either. Overall tastes great and at a great price!

Review #3- Starbucks Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake

May 5, Starbucks released this new gluten free item pre-packaged in with their baked goods. I have to say as I read the ingredients I was skeptical it was gonna taste like anything worth eating but I was pleasantly surprised. The cake it moist and fluffy and resembles a small muffin with almond slices on the top. It was really good and an excellent way for another big name company like Starbucks to step foot into the Gluten Free world. I will definitely buy one again when I am on the go (I am not a coffee drinker).