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Noodles & Co. review

well I have to say it is a great review for Noodles & Company. I called the store and I asked about the rice noodles and how they were cooked. I was told they cook a fresh batch each morning and the rice noodles are first to be cooked. So they do not share water with the wheat noodles. After they are cooked and tossed with oil they are stored in the refridge for the day and whatever is not used at end of day is tossed.

Anyways they do not have a top 8 list on the website but from what I gathered the Pad Thai dish was gonna be safe. When I got to the store behind the counter they guy had a list which told you which on the top 8 allergens were in each dish. I honestally did not look at all the dishes except the Pad Thai. I ordered it without egg (due to dairy being pre-mixed with their eggs) and it was quite yummy.

I have been fine all night so I didn't have any issues with any cross contaimination. I think they did a great job with my order and they seem willing enough to try to help someone with food allergies too.