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Product Reviews- Shark Steam Mop & Betty Crocker Gluten Free

Here are some reviews of some products that are new to me. Sorry to sum them all up in one post they do deserve their own post that is for sure.

I will start with the Shark Mop. I recently had the H20 mop which I thought was great but it still left my floors wet and streaks on my pergo flooring. Then one day it just decided to have a malfunction and stop working. While I browsed the web to find out where I could buy another one I came across a recall notice for the model I had. Well apparently it can short in the wiring and cause a fire. The company was not issuing refunds but only a repair kit which was useless to me since mine broke. Anyways a friend recommended the Shark Steam Mop. I went over to my local Bath and Beyond Store and saw the display. I ended up getting the delux model which came with 2 different heads and several cleaning pads. I came home and gave it a whirl. OMG!!!! This works way better than the other crappy one. My floors dried almost instantly and did not have any streaks. I am in love and now use my Shark weekly!

Betty Crocker Gluten Free review: Finally a mainstream company has jumped into making life a tad easier for those who have to eat gluten free. So far I have made the brownies and the cookies and both are just so yummy. Both were also easy for me to alter to be dairy free as well. My alternation on the brownies was I used oil instead of butter and for the cookies I used shortening instead of butter. Very easy to make and now I am finding these products at most of my local grocery stores as well as my local Super Walmart too!

Next post will be about a new lunchbox called the Goodbyn. I just recieved it this weekend and giving it a trial run this week for my son's school lunches. So keep posted if you are interested in learning what a Goodbyn is.