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Homemade Ice cream

Well as we all know ice cream is pretty expensive but what you might not know is buying specialty ice cream or sorbet is even more expensive. Typically I buy sorbet in a pint size container, which is the biggest I can find, for about $4 or $5 each. Because of our food allergies to milk,soy and gluten I can not buy regular ice cream. All the safe ice creams we can eat come in a pint size and all run about $5 on average.

My friend Shannon recently bought an electric ice cream maker and she really liked it. Well I've got an old wooden ice cream maker that we received nearly 10 years ago as a gift. It is really nice but requires alot of time and effort to use it. You have to constantly alternate with ice and rock salt. I think I made 2 or 3 batches(10 years ago) with it and gave up because it took so long. So I decided maybe I should try making ice cream again but buy the one Shannon got. So last week I had a coupon for bed,bath & beyond and I bought the ice cream maker. I've made 2 batches within a few days and I am very happy.

For the first recipe I tried one Shannon used but I scaled it down to make a smaller amount. It was yummy and made about 6 cups but had more of a sorbet texture, which was fine. Then my 2nd batch I made a recipe that came with the maker and it made much less only 3 cups but was rich and creamy kinda like soft serve. Both are great and I will make them again and experiment with different flavors and milks or creamers.

For the milk I decided to use So Delicious Coconut Milk and it is fantastic product. They also make their own line of coconut ice creams as well. On my 2nd batch I used coconut creamer and I think that is why it was so thick and creamy like. I highly recommend getting an ice cream maker and making your own ice cream and experiment with different milks it is fun.


Strawberry Ice Cream-Sorbet (makes about 6 cups)
2 1/2 cups of Milk or Milk sub
1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups of defrosted frozen strawberries

Mix up all ingredients in a blender. Then add to ice cream maker and follow manufactors instructions.

Chocolate Pudding Ice cream (made 3 cups when I used coconut creamer)

3 cups milk or milk sub
2 packets of instant jello pudding mix

Mix up ingredients in blender or with hand mixer.Then add to ice cream maker and follow manufactors instructions.