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daiya vegan cheese review

Well recently in an allergy free message board someone mentioned something about a new vegan cheese they found. I looked at the website and it was free of our allergens so I was wanting to try it but the problem was the only place I could find it was 1 specialty store and it was like $40 for a 5 pound bag. I thought it was quite pricey for me to trial so I decided to wait. Then another company started to use this vegan cheese in their frozen mac n cheese so I decided to buy one to try it. OMG!!!!! It is so yummy. I was hooked and just when I was about to go out and buy $40 worth of cheese I found out that my local Whole Foods had it in stock and re-packaged it in smaller amounts. I was very happy and gladly bought both flavors they had instock...cheddar and Italian.

I came home and made my first cheese pizza in a long time. It was delicious. My son shrieked in excited but was also confused as to why he could have cheese. This started the conversation on how this cheese was special cheese that does not have gluten,milk or soy in it and it is the only safe cheese he can have and if anyone else tries to give him cheese without my permission do not eat it!

Anyways I am excited to start using Daiya Vegan Cheese in my cooking and eating pleasure. So far I have only used it in my pasta dish and my pizza and it melts beautifully. It also smells and tastes like what I remember of the real thing. It is really good and I recommend all my friends with food allergies or vegan friends to try it and see what you think.