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Z-Pizza Review

Well I was excited to find out my local Z Pizza had gluten free crust and even most excited when I found out they had my new favorite vegan cheese . A few months ago when I checked I could not eat there because the crust had casein in it and they had no safe cheese options as I am also intolerant to soy as well. Our family tends to eat out once a week and we tend to stick to our local In N Out because we know they are safe but today I decided let's venture out and try our first pizza out.

So the look, while it is only available in small , it was quite filling for both myself and my 6 year old son. We ordered pepperoni and while I know the pepperoni is gluten free I did not think to verify if it was soy and casein free which it probably was not (my fault and I am paying the price for it now with tummy problems). The cheese was nice and melted and the crust was golden brown. The taste was yummy but once you got to the end the crust was quite hard, especially once the pizza had cooled completely. It was cut into 6 small slices and the price was pretty expensive at $11.25 for a pepperoni. I should have stopped after my 2nd slice but decided to eat my third one and I was very full. I bet if I had more toppings I would have even been fuller. My son ate 3 slices but picked off all the pepperoni & he enjoyed every bite. I did call ahead to verify they had it in stock and when we got there they told me they were out of the vegan cheese but the cook came and got me and told me they had some (whoo thank goodness that was why we came). I did not pay attention that closely to see if there was any possible high risk of cross contamination in preparing or baking, that is just something one always takes a risk on while eating out. They were not busy at all so I think the risk was pretty low.

Overall it was a good experience and I would try it again but with different toppings next time. Not somewhere we will go to weekly due to the cost and far location but it is a nice treat every once in a while. I still prefer my homemade pizzas at home with my chebe pizza crust mix.