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Amici's East Coast Pizzeria

Well I have heard great things about the gluten free pizza at Amici's East Coast Pizzeria so I wanted to give it a try on our way home from six flags the other day. I actually went to the Vacaville,CA location. They have a separate gluten free menu available which looked like several choices of different pizzas and salad it was double sided menu. Well at this particular location the service was very slow, it was just before the dinner hour so I can only imagine how crazy it is on dinner rush. My non gluten free daughter ordered a pasta dish and it came out cold so they made her a fresh one. The waitress apparently did not hear what I ordered which was a Vegan cheese gluten free pizza that half of it was veggie and the other side just the vegan cheese. When it came out after I ate a few bites I noticed my veggie side was not the vegan cheese. She kindly took it back and asked to remake it, after that the taste was great. The crust is actually pretty good, it had a good texture and nice crunch to the crust. Since I had them remake the entire pizza I had some left over and when I reheated it the next day it did not taste as good as when they made it. I re-heated mine in the toaster oven to give it more of a crunchy crust instead of a soggy one from the microwave. The only downer is this pizza only comes in 1 size which is large and is very expensive ranging from $22-25 a pie.

I was surprised the manager did not come out and check on me after the mishap or any offers to adjust my bill. Actually my waitress never came back to check on us after the new food came out and another lady brought me the bill. I don't think our waitress was on break either because I saw her helping other tables. The hostess did not say goodbye as we left either, she was rather cheery when we arrived and as other people left but not to us. I was very polite the entire time so I don't understand the rudeness of the employees there. I don't live close to this location but it is a nice occasional treat to have when I am traveling but I am not entirely sure I would go back to this location due to the slow service,cold food and food mix up.