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GF Ice Cream Cones

So I've been on the hunt for some yummy gluten,dairy and soy free ice cream cones. I tried one a year ago and it tasted horrible. Someone recently mentioned they had a waffle cone type and it was pretty tastey. I looked around but could not find one. Then while I was in a newer speciality shop I found 2 brands so I decided to give one a try. Edwards & Sons Sugar Cones is the brand they are gluten and casein free but not completely soy free, they do have Soy Lecithin (which many soy allergic can sometimes tollerate). They are very yummy and have the same taste and texture that I remember a gluten one has. Even the non gluten free in my home really enjoyed them. I look forward to also try the other brand as well (I can't remember the name). It is a nice treat to have our home made icecream or sorbet in a cone every so often.