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Big Ice Cream Cone

I was at my local gluten free specialty store when they got a new shipment in and they got in a new ice cream cone, a jumbo one. From what I can gather it is gluten,casein and possibly soy free. It lists emulsifier(lecthin) as an ingredient but doesn't specifiy if it is soy or not,however on their website it says it is soy free. The brand is Goldbaum's .This cone is much bigger than my previous review but it has only 8 cones in the box and cost is about the same. The taste was very yummy and the texture was very nice and crispy as well. My only dislike was that the ice cream began to drip out of the bottom of the cone, it could have just been a fluke but it happened so far to two cones. Overall this is another nice cone for ice cream.

Sorry I thought I had a picture of the cone but it appears it got erased. Next time I will take one!