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Review on Choice Batter

I would have never thought I would be able to have a gluten,soy and milk free batter to make a deep fried food item. My friend Joann was given some samples of this farely new product called Choice batter . I was skeptical at first since I have tried in the past to deep fry foods with my own made up batter and the breading always fell off. I saw a review for this new product on GFree TV and it looked promising so I was excited to give a try at dinner.

I decided since I had a plethora of zucchini from my garden that fried zucchini sounded great! I used a small deep fryer that I have, set it to 375, mixed up the batter and waited for 5 minutes. The batter thicken up nicely after the 5 minute wait and was easy to make 1 cup water and 1 cup dry batter. I heavily coated the zucchini and placed them in my fryer basket. The first batch stuck to the basket but I figured out that if I sprayed the basket in-between frying with a non stick spray it stuck less. The zucchini came out crunchy and very tasty! I was very satisfied.

Now onto my next task the chicken. I followed their recipe on a flyer I was given for oven baked chicken. My fryer is too small to do whole pieces of chicken so I decided baking was a better option. I had to mix up different batch as this one called for milk and egg to the batter. It also called for dorritos but since my family can not eat dorritos I figured potato flakes would be a good sub, I couldn't have been more wrong. While the chicken tasted good the potato flakes gave it a thick mushy coating that most of us ended scarping off and throwing away. So I learned from my experiment and will use something more crispy and crunchy as a substitute next time.

Overall I am impressed my this product and I look forward to trying it again! Even my non gluten and other allergy free family members really enjoyed this product. As seen above my 15 year old daughter enjoying a pre dinner snack!